Why You Should Visit a Real Estate Attorney Early

Although hiring a real estate attorney is not always required when you buy or sell a home, it can make the process go a lot more smoothly. Calling an attorney during the very beginning stages of the process is the best time to do it. Let’s look at why.

Buying a Home

When you are starting the home buying process, a real estate attorney can help by discussing the process of purchasing a home,  and answer your  questions you have about the process. If you’re a first-time buyer, a real estate lawyer is important. A lawyer will be able to point out possible problems with a contract that you may miss and advise you accordingly. Once you’ve selected a property, your lawyer can help you negotiate and draft a contract while being sure to protect your interests and advise you of any risks associated with the purchase. Once you’re in contract, there could be many things that come up that a real estate lawyer could help you sort through such as issues with the home inspection, negotiations of closing costs and confusion with your lending contract.

Selling a Home

When should you hire a real estate attorney when selling your home? The simple answer is as soon as you decide to sell. The selling process can be overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time you’ve gone through it. An experienced real estate lawyer will be able to simplify the process for you by explaining everything in detail and helping you sort through the how’s and why’s. The most important step a lawyer will be able to assist you with is drawing up the contract for the sale of your home. This is where their expertise really comes in handy. Contracts can be overwhelming and your real estate attorney will have your interests in mind and make sure you and your assets are protected.