Bay Head

The borough of Bay Head in Ocean County is a small beach community situated on the Barnegat Peninsula. Its name was taken from the Bayhead Land Company that developed that area in the 1870s. A misspelling on a sign twenty years later gave it the current name of Bay Head.

This charming little town has just around 1,000 people living in less than 1-mile square land area and has one of the smallest school districts in the state. However, what it lacks in size and population, it makes up for in character.

The Bay Head Historical Society runs the local museum, which is open seasonally from May to October. Located in a converted 1867 farmhouse, the museum stands as a living portal to the history of a Jersey shore town. Inside, visitors can gaze at turn-of-the-century photographs of the town and surrounding areas, as well as artifacts and heirlooms of the time. The museum’s front room is dedicated to displaying the work of local artists and special exhibits. The building also features several beautiful outdoor gardens that are maintained by the Historical Society.

Residents of Bay Head from Kindergarten to 8th Grade attend Bay Head Elementary School, which was built in 1930. This historical school offers all the sporting opportunities that the bigger schools nearby do, like softball, basketball, soccer, and tennis for both boys and girls. Other sports like wrestling and baseball are offered at the neighboring Point Beach School District. Many clubs and extracurricular activities are offered, including Positive Partners, where younger kids are paired up with upper-grade students to help with schoolwork.

If small-town beach life is what you are after, look no further than Bay Head. Living in this unique, quiet beach community provides an amazing year round lifestyle.

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