Located in Monmouth County, Allenhurst sits on the original site of a 120-acre farm owned by one of its first settlers, Abner Allen. Just a train ride from NYC and surrounded by the seaside, the town became popular during the resort boom of the 20th century. During that period, many grand mansion-style homes were built and are faithfully maintained and preserved to this day. The Allenhurst Residential Historic District lists all of these homes and marks them in the National Register of Historic Places.

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Deal Lake to the west, Allenhurst is known as a luxurious small community with old-school charm. The borough itself owns and operates the Allenhurst Beach Club, which features an impressive saltwater pool that is filled from the ocean every summer evening. The beach on the club is open to the public for a daily fee and offers handicap access.

Allenhurst has a quaint, charming downtown business district that attracts tourists from all over the state and east coast every summer. There are several restaurants, cafes, and unique spots to dine - even some with gorgeous waterfront views. The area has also been known to have outdoor sidewalk sales and festivals where local artists and craftsmen from all over New Jersey sell their handmade fares. There is also a beautiful lakefront park and playground nearby, which is the perfect spot for families and is always bustling with activities when the weather permits.

For those with school-age children, Allenhurst is a non-operating district which means there are no public schools in town. However, kids living in Allenhurst attend West Long Branch Public Schools, which serve students from pre-K through 8th grade. Kids in 9th through 12th grade attend Shore Regional High School.

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