Highland Park

The Borough of Highland Park is a quiet residential community in Middlesex county. Just between New Brunswick and Edison Township, this charming town is just under 2 square miles and has a population of 14,000 people. Crossing the Albany Street Bridge from New Brunswick, you'll see Raritan Avenue running through town. Nearby is its shopping district with plenty of street parking. Although, like other small towns in the area, almost everything you need is within walking distance.

Commuters will have about an hour's drive to both New York City and Philadelphia. With bigger towns like Edison and New Brunswick nearby, you can find everything you need within a 15-minute drive. But located right in Highland Park itself, you'll find dozens of restaurants offering anything from Thai to Italian to Greek food and more! There are also several shopping centers, locally-owned boutiques, and unique shops. You can find a weekend Farmer's Market and craft shows along the downtown area throughout the Fall, Summer, and Spring. When it gets colder, the winter kickoff begins, with plenty of fun holiday-themed events and festivals. There are two large parks in town with updated playground equipment and plenty of space for all ages for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are also many walking and biking trails open to the public.

The Highland Park Public Schools serve students in pre-K through 12th grade and have about 1,650 students and 145 teachers. There are also two charter schools nearby that are open to Highland Park and several other neighboring towns. The Center School serves students with learning and emotional challenges and is a beneficial resource for families of special needs kids in the community. Besides academics, the district also offers several extracurricular activities and programs, as well as team sports.

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