Monroe Township

Monroe Township, named after President James Monroe, was first settled by Scottish immigrants. They were so impressed by the fertile soil and plentiful water supply that their letters back home encouraged more settlers all over Europe to join them.

Today, Monroe is still a sought-after place to live. Located in southern Middlesex County, Monroe is an easy drive for those working in New York City, with less than an hour commute. There is a New Jersey Turnpike entrance directly in town to make many commuters’ drive to work much easier.

We know that schools are important if you are choosing a location to move your family to, so you will be happy to know that Monroe Township is full of excellent ones. The Monroe Township School District is rated high in the state, and its almost 7,000 students are well rounded in academics and athletics. A brand-new high school was recently constructed as well, offering an excellent educational opportunity for your children.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Thompson Park, which features 675 acres of beautiful countryside. Located within the park is Manalapan Lake, which is stocked with fish and open for fishing seasonally. Canoeing, kayaks, and small electric-motored boats are allowed on the lake and is a popular summer spot for families. The park also features an animal haven with farm and exotic creatures like pigs, goats, peacocks, and even an emu, within fenced-in areas, and is open for visitors from dawn to dusk daily. Dog owners can take their furry friends to the Thompson Park Dog Park, where two and a half acres are waiting for them to run leash-free.

Monroe is an amazing place to live. If you are considering making Monroe Township your new home, give us a call. We can help guide you through the entire home buying process.