North Hanover

Located in Burlington County, North Hanover is a township with a population of approximately 7,700 people and a size of 17.5 square miles. The township is included in the Pinelands National Reserve, a protected natural area of beautiful, unique scenery. North Hanover is a very family oriented community with a large school district. The McGuire Air Force Base is partially located in North Hanover, as well as New Hanover, and has its own population of 4,522 people as of the 2020 Census.

Surrounded by natural forests and greenery, North Hanover is a great place to visit if you love the outdoors. There are several parks and playgrounds, biking and walking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and picnic areas throughout the township. The park district offers a 3-week long summer camp every year for kids in 2nd through 6th grade. Older students can train to be camp counselors and mentors. There are also basketball, softball, baseball, and t-ball offerings through the district. Several community events throughout the year like the Memorial Day Parade and holiday festivals bring neighbors together and keep the community close.

While there are no main highways that pass through North Hanover, there is easy access to the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 195 nearby. There is bus service in town through NJ Transit on the 317 route which runs between Asbury Park and Philadelphia.

Children in pre-K through 6th grade attend the North Hanover Township School District. It is one of three choices for school districts for families living on the air force base. The district has three elementary schools and consists of 1,200 students and 125 teachers. Kids in 7th through 12th grades attend Northern Burlington County Regional School District, with schools located within a few minutes’ drive. Students that live in Burlington County are eligible to attend the Burlington County Institute of Technology, which offers vocational and technical education at no cost to their families.

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