Chesterfield Township

Chesterfield is a township in Burlington County with a population of around 7,700 people. The town sits on more than 7,000 acres of preserved farmland, giving even its residential area a beautiful country setting. Due to a diligent community agenda, the town works hard to preserve its environment. Many of the town’s quaint businesses and shops reflect its Quaker roots.

Farmland, countryside, and rolling hills are the backdrop of Chesterfield, and there are plenty of walking, hiking and biking trails throughout town to explore. Besides that, there are also several parks and playgrounds maintained by the township, as well as basketball and tennis courts. There are many businesses within the township, including popular eateries, cafes, restaurants, and shops. Landscaping and nurseries are plentiful in Chesterfield, and it’s easy to find any plants, trees, or shrubbery that you need.

If you’re a commuter, you’ll find the drive to New York City takes about an hour and twenty minutes, and the drive to Philadelphia is just under an hour. Several major highways run through town, as well as the New Jersey Turnpike. While there’s no public transportation in Chesterfield itself, it’s easy to catch the train or bus in neighboring towns. The nearest train station is in Hamilton Township.

Schools in Chesterfield and surrounding areas are very highly rated. The Chesterfield School District serves students from pre-K through 6th grade at Chesterfield Elementary School. The school has about 720 students and 67 teachers providing an excellent student to teacher ratio. Children from 7th through 12th grade attend schools in the Northern Burlington County Regional School District. Any student in Burlington County is eligible to attend the Burlington County Institute of Technology, a countywide public school district that teaches vocational and tech education.

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