Little Egg Harbor

Little Egg Harbor Township is a small charming town located along the beach in Ocean County. Nestled between the bay and the pines, don’t confuse this quaint little community with the larger Egg Harbor near Atlantic City. Little Egg Harbor is primarily rural, with gorgeous scenery and a rich history. Originally part of Burlington County, the town gets its name from the portion of the bay called Egg Harbor. Dutch sailors called it this because of the abundant amount of eggs found in nearby gull nests. Europeans first settled the town in 1693 and quickly became popular with English Quakers.

This little quaint fishing town is made up of mostly permanent residents, although it does get a spike of summer tourists. However, not nearly as many summer visitors as the nearby, bigger shore towns. There aren’t a lot of restaurants or stores locally, but everything you could possibly need is just a short drive away. For the outdoor lover, the town is a hub of activity. There are so many hiking and walking trails, as well as campsites located throughout town. The beaches are beautiful, quiet, and perfect for low-key picnics or sunbathing - nothing like the crowded party spots in nearby beach towns.

Families with school-age kids will be happy to know that Little Egg Harbor School District is highly rated. Students in pre-K through 6th grade attend schools right in town. Children in 7th through 12th grades attend schools in the Pinelands Regional School District. Besides academics, the districts offer several sporting teams and extracurricular activities. There are also several private school options nearby

If you’re interested in moving to Little Egg Harbor, let us know. It may be the perfect quiet little shore community you have been looking for! We can help with the home buying process.