North Plainfield

Settled by Dutch families before the American Revolution, the Borough of North Plainfield is a family-oriented, historic town in Somerset County. Many of the original homes still remain in town and the community embraces its historical roots! In fact, The Vermeule Mansion is a prominent fixture. It was the mansion owned by one of the original families that settled in North Plainfield.

Before the town was known as North Plainfield, it was referred to as “Blue Hills” because of its appearance. The new name was adopted in 1872 after the town’s incorporation. At 2.9 square miles, the area was originally a cluster of farms and fields. Over the years, it steadily grew as a commuter center with the extension of the Central Jersey Railroad. Located just 23 miles from Manhattan and 32 from Trenton, North Plainfield retains its small-town qualities - yet is highly convenient for those working in one of the many commuter cities nearby.

North Plainfield is full of tree-lined, family-oriented residential neighborhoods. There’s also the Washington Park Historic District, Green Acres parklands, and plenty of sports and playground facilities. The town’s citizens like to put an emphasis on making sure small businesses can grow and flourish. Everything you need, including gourmet restaurants, boutiques, and shops are all within the town limits. Most families find it to be a very convenient place to live!

For families with school aged kids, the North Plainfield School District serves public school students from pre-K through 12th grade. The district is made up of six schools with around 3,400 students and 300 teachers. All schools are highly rated and feature dedicated teachers and school professionals. Along with a variety of team sports, the district offers many different academic and after school activities.

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