Lavallette is a family resort town located in the central shore region. This spot is extremely convenient for commuters to both New York and Pennsylvania. With nine protected beaches for swimming, as well as designated beaches for surfing, Lavallette is the perfect waterfront town. In addition to plenty of beaches, there are also several playgrounds, docks for fishing and crabbing, tennis courts, and countless other outdoor activity amenities.

The Borough of Lavallette was incorporated in 1887. The name was to honor US Navy Admiral Elie A. F. LaVallette. Like other barrier island beach towns of central New Jersey, this area was originally inhabited by Lenn-Lanape Indians who made annual trips to the island area to harvest fish and shellfish.

One of the best parts of Lavallette is its mile-long tranquil boardwalk. The town keeps the boardwalk in pristine condition yearlong and it offers excellent views of the Atlantic. Unlike other Jersey shore towns, Lavallette’s boardwalk is 100% non-commercial, meaning no one is allowed to sell anything along its length. Midway along the boardwalk is a shaded pavilion with ample seating for a quiet place to take it all in.

Lavallette is right by scenic Barnegat Bay, which is the perfect spot for boating, sailing, windsurfing, and just about any other outdoor activity you would like to try. There are also several popular events put on by the town, like the annual July 4th fireworks show and many outdoor concerts.

The Lavallette school district serves students from kindergarten to 8th grade and consists of one school, Lavallette Elementary School. The school is ranked among the top elementary schools in the state. Students in 9th-12th grade attend nearby Point Pleasant Beach High School.

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