Known as “the pearl of the Bayshore”, Keyport is a borough in Monmouth County. This small seaside town was formed in 1870 and is part of the Bayshore Regional Strategic Plan. Because of this, Keyport’s traditional downtown, dense residential neighborhoods, and maritime history are all preserved and maintained. Visitors come from across the region to walk along Keyport’s beautiful waterfront promenades and soak in its quiet local charm. There’s an enormous sense of community in this little beach town, and it attracts both families and young professionals looking for an easy commute.

Fishing and oysters were the big economic draw of Keyport. But now, they’re more part of a quintessential sport than anything else. Besides the beach, there’s plenty of other outdoor activities. Biking and walking trails line the shore, as well as the mega-popular Keyport Waterfront Park. For yachting or fishing, the Keyport Pier is the spot to be.

Even though Keyport is on the smaller side of Jersey Shore towns, it has quite a growing culinary scene. In fact, many of its restaurants and cafes are hot spots for even the surrounding larger towns. Seafood joints are the town’s specialty, and the day’s fresh catch is always available at local fish markets as well. The historical fisheries in town offer local delicacies fresh from the ocean. For those looking for more than just dining, Keyport also has a very active nightlife scene with unique bars and dance clubs all along the shore.

If education is a factor in your relocation decision, you’ll be happy to hear that Keyport’s school district is highly rated. The Keyport Public Schools serve students from pre-K through 12th grade. Besides stellar academics, the district offers many extracurricular activities as well as both before and after school programs.

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