Tips to Find A Family Friendly Neighborhood for Your Next Home Purchase

If you are searching for a new home, you probably have some priorities on your wish list. The top requested wish list item according to realtors is a family-friendly neighborhood. So how do you find a community that’s perfect for you and your family? Here are some tips for finding a family friendly area for your next home purchase.

Look for Amazing Parks

Lots of neighborhoods have parks and playgrounds, but a truly family-friendly community will have beautiful updated parks specifically designed for active kids. Splash pads, climbing walls, zip lines… these are all signs of a newly developed park meant to cater to the children in the community.

Lots of Kids is Always a Good Sign

The more families you see out and about in an area, the more likely it is that you’ve found what you’re looking for. Kids riding bikes, kids walking dogs, lots of laughter and running around are all obvious signs that the neighborhood not only is full of kids, but it encourages them to be themselves.

Chat up the Locals

Once you spot that amazing park or see that family out walking their dog, start a conversation. Ask them what they like about the area and if they have any drawbacks. The best way to get to know a neighborhood is to go straight to the source, the people.


Are there grocery stores nearby? Schools? Doctor’s offices? If all the things a family needs are close by, that increases the chances that the area you’re considering is family-friendly.


By doing a little research on neighborhoods’ safety stats, you can eliminate any areas that don’t make the cut. You should also research school bus routes, traffic routes and busy intersection locations to determine how family friendly a spot is.

Once you’ve found the perfect family-friendly neighborhood, be sure to let your real estate agent know right away so they can start the search for your new home.