Milltown is an adorable little town located on the northwest bank of Lawrence Brook in Middlesex County. It has a population of under 7,000 people and has a total land area of just 1.6 square miles. Named for being a “mill town” back in the 1700s, the town’s origin story can be traced back to documents listing mill-related products and property sales.

The downtown area has a rugged, old-school feel that adds to the appeal of this town. You can find many family-owned shops that have been around for generations like dry cleaners, florists, locksmiths, and hardware stores—all the makings of an authentic American small town. Although Milltown is full of families that have lived here for many years, it is still attracting new families looking for all the appeal of small-town living, while still being near the city. The tight-knit community has prime commuting access. It is conveniently positioned between the NJ Turnpike and US Route 1. It is also very close to Rutgers University.

The Milltown School District features two thriving schools. The first is Parkview School, which was newly expanded and updated just before 2000. It is known for its innovative playground equipment and specialized areas for preschoolers. Students in 4th through 8th grade attend Joyce Kilmer School in the center of Milltown. High schoolers attend a highly rated high school in the nearby town of Spotswood.

Visitors to Milltown instantly fall in love with the long-lost calm and comfort of small-town life. The nostalgia alone attracts families and individuals looking to add a level of peace to their busy lives. The affordable price tags of family homes in the area also make it a prime home search starting point for this area.

If you are intrigued by Milltown, let us know and we will help with the home buying process.