South Plainfield

South Plainfield is a borough in Middlesex County of about 8.3 square miles with a population of just over 23,000 people. The land the town is located on was formed thousands of years ago by a Glacier. As the glacier gradually moved over many years, it picked up and carried soil. This natural event resulted in the two highest points of the town near Durham Avenue and Woodland Avenue. Between these two high points, there is a flat basin near what is now Spring Lake. When you know this fascinating history, you see the town in a whole new light!

Later, in the 1600s, the town was included in the Elizabethtown Purchase as part of Piscataway Township. Most of South Plainfield’s first settlers were from Scotland, although there were many Quakers as well. In its early history, logging was its primary industry, and you can still spot signs of that today.

If you’re into the sport of curling, you’ll be happy to know that South Plainfield is home to New Jersey’s only dedicated curling facility. But if curling isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other sporting options through the park district. In fact, the town has many children’s, teens’, and adult sporting teams.

South Plainfield Public Schools are highly rated and serve students through pre-K to 12th grade. The district is made up of seven schools and has about 3,400 students and 270 classroom teachers. Besides academics, the district offers many extra-curricular activities as well as dedicated support and before/after school programs.

If dining and shopping is something you’re looking for in a town, you’ll love all that South Plainfield has to offer. There are several different shopping centers, a plethora of restaurants of every cuisine, and plenty of locally-owned boutiques and shops. Overall, this town has everything you need while being incredibly convenient to commuters.

If you’re interested in making South Plainfield your new home, let us know. We can help with the home buying process.