Lakewood Township

Lakewood Township is full of scenic charm, has an old town feel, and a little something for everyone. As the most populous township in Ocean County, Lakewood has a population of a little over 100,000 people. Over the last couple of decades, the creation of one of the largest industrial park facilities brought nearly 11,000 jobs to the town and surrounding areas.

In addition to several beautiful parks, Lakewood is also home to championship quality golf courses, lakes, and playgrounds that residents and visitors alike flock to. Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, pedal-boat or have a quiet picnic - Lakewood’s parks and recreation centers are some of the best in the state. All local playgrounds have been recently updated with modern equipment and sports activities, so there’s plenty to do for the whole family.

There are both public and private schooling options available in Lakewood Township, from early ed programs to even post graduate work. The public-school system offers a highly rated preschool program, as well as all-day kindergarten. The elementary school offers special programs for academically gifted students, as well as AP classes and access to tech labs. All educational programs are designed to meet the needs of all the students.

Lakewood residents have full access to its vast library system. The Ocean County Library has over twenty branches with one of the most impressive collections of books, periodicals, and electronic media on the east coast. The libraries offer homework help for elementary and high school students, as well as education courses for teachers. There are also book clubs, film discussion groups, and writing workshops. Families can find a plethora of free classes and activities for every age group.

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