Warren Township

Located in Somerset County, Warren Township is a suburban town with about 15,300 people. It’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere and award-winning schools. Its 19.3 square miles are nestled in the Watchung Mountains, giving it beautiful scenery and a woodsy feel. In fact, it was once called “the greenest place in New Jersey”. The town works hard to retain its rural character while catering to its growth.

Since Warren Township is only about 35 miles from Manhattan, it appeals to families and professionals looking for an easy commute but a rural setting. There is easy access to many different major roads and highways. It is also close to major shopping centers and excellent restaurants. The town is very small business friendly and has a total of over 600 businesses - including dining spots, retail shops, manufacturing, and professional offices. The town’s “Master Plan” has kept the commercial and industrial growth contained to a specific area so that the town can maintain its country charm.

Warren Township celebrates its beautiful landscapes in many unique ways. For example, Wagner Farm Arboretum is within the town limits and sits on the site of the former Wagner Dairy Farm, which the town acquired in 2001. The arboretum is a great place to spend an afternoon strolling through the paths and gardens. It even boasts the unique views of a nearby savannah, which is a rare site in the state.

Students in pre-K through 8th grade attend Warren Township Schools. The district is made up of 5 schools, 1,500 students, and 180 teachers. High school kids from 9th through 12th grade attend Watchung Hills Regional High School. All the schools in the area are highly ranked and known for their stellar academics and dedicated teachers.

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