Asbury Park

First developed as a resort by industrialist James A. Bradley in 1871, Asbury Park quickly made the transition to a borough and then to a city over the course of less than 30 years. Today, this thriving beachfront city is on the rise again thanks to a vibrant cultural revival.

The mile-long beach on the edge of the city opens every summer for swimming, surfing and fishing. The local boardwalk is a popular summertime destination for tourists and residents alike – many attractions and food vendors can be found serving customers here. Along its length, you will also find the Asbury Park Casino, an historic old building perfect for photo opportunities.

The city’s downtown core features plenty of shopping and entertainment, but one of its most unique attractions is its musical roots. Influential performers in genres like rock and roll, soul and R&B came together in the 1960’s to create the ‘Sound of Asbury Park’ (S.O.A.P.): this legendary period in music history is commemorated with a local monument. The city is also home to The Stone Pony, a renowned venue to witness the rise of up-and-coming musical talent, and the Convention Hall that is used to hold larger events.

This area also offers several educational opportunities for children. The Asbury Park public school district comprises 5 schools for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, boasting a low overall student-teacher ratio. For those who prefer a private option, there is also a charter school, Hope Academy Charter School, located within city limits.