Little Silver

If you’re looking for a small-town feel, it doesn’t get any better than Little Silver. Located in Monmouth County, this little borough has the beauty of the Shrewsbury River waterfront and the quiet charm of a tight-knit community. Before the town was established, the area mainly consisted of farms, forests, and saltwater marshes. After John T. Lovett opened his famous nursery, resorts began to pop up along the Little Silver Point Peninsula. The town officially separated from Shrewsbury Township in 1923 and has remained a thriving and vibrant spot over the last hundred years.

Even though most farms and nurseries are now residential areas, the town is still covered in beautiful landscaping and natural plant treasures. The soil is exceptionally fertile in town, making it perfect for personal and community gardens that bloom year long. The town is a popular spot for commuters looking to settle in a convenient place that contrasts with busy city life.

If old town charm is a selling point for you, look no further than Little Silver’s Prospect Avenue, an actual old-fashioned “Main Street”. Prospect intersects with Church Street, which is lined with charming historical houses that look like they’re out of a page of an old magazine. There are also plenty of unique and delicious dining spots along the downtown area, and it brings visitors from all over the state.

Because of its prime spot on the river, Little Silver attracts boaters and water boat enthusiasts from all over the East Coast. There is a public boat ramp at Dominick F. Santelle Park that is open for all local and non-local boaters. The town is also home to Little Silver Station, a beautifully restored railroad station dating back to 1875.

If you’re interested in making the lovely town of Little Silver your home, let us know! We can help with the home buying process.