Buying and Selling Same Day

In the home buying and selling journey, it is not uncommon for someone to both sell a home and buy a new home on the same day.   However, this requires quite a bit of advanced preparation. A real estate attorney will make the process for both transactions much easier.

How does it work?

Typically, when selling and buying in the same day, the sale is scheduled as early as possible in the day, in order that the funds from the sale can be utilized for the purchase on the same day.  It is customary to deliver the home to the buyer, broom clean and free of debris.  If you are selling and buying in the same day, moving is one of the challenges you will be facing.  Is it stressful?  You bet! 

A real estate attorney is essential for this all to happen smoothly. Pre- signing sale documents is one way to lessen the stress so the seller does not have to be physically at the closing for the sale of their home.  Having help from family and friends is also helpful – when trying to move from one house to the next, all in the same day.  Coordination is key and no two situations are the same.