“For Sale By Owner” Transactions

When you are in the market to purchase a home, you will inevitably come across some properties that are “For Sale by Owner”. In that type of situation, real estate agents aren’t involved but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the property entirely! A real estate attorney can help you navigate the waters of the transaction. Here are just a few reasons that hiring a real estate attorney is necessary for this type of transaction:


Real Estate Attorneys Already Know The Procedure

When it comes to the purchase itself, you have to file the correct documents, follow a specific procedure, know your rights, and much more. A real estate attorney already has the experience and knowledge to manage the process and paperwork for you. It saves you time and risk to partner with a real estate attorney for this reason alone!


You Should Have Legal Representation

Even if you are involved in a traditional purchase, during many of the phases of the transaction an attorney would still be involved. “For Sale by Owner” transactions are much more complicated due to the absence of real estate agents and require more input from attorneys.


A Professional Real Estate Attorney Has Your Best Interest in Mind

Like any real estate purchase, “For Sale by Owner” sales come with some risks that need to be carefully analyzed. Hire an attorney to keep your best interests in mind and to help you avoid unnecessary risks.


We can’t stress enough that hiring a real estate attorney is essential in any real estate transaction. However, when it comes to “For Sale by Owner” transactions, attempting to complete the transaction without an attorney present could prove to be much more challenging than if you were to hire one. Contact us today to have representation through the entire transaction!