Importance of Hiring A Home Inspector

Performing a home inspection on a property that you are interested in purchasing is a very important part of the home buying process. The home inspection can shine a light on any major repairs that the house may need prior to the closing. Without it, a buyer is taking a risk that could cost thousands of dollars after the closing. Most real estate attorneys highly recommend using a home inspector prior to the purchase. Home inspectors are reliable professionals that are held to high standards in order to ensure you receive a competent, high quality inspection. Below are just a few reasons why all buyers should perform a home inspection on any prospective property:

Training and Experience

Home inspectors are required to pass a national test, complete close to 200 hours of training courses, and perform 250 supervised inspections prior to receiving their license. This thorough training period should reassure home buyers that the home inspector they choose to hire will be more than competent when performing the inspection.

Obligation and Recording

The individual who inspects your home not only has a duty and obligation to look for certain things, but they are also required to record everything. This helps to ensure an accurate inspection. Home inspectors generally have years of experience preparing these reports in order to confirm that nothing is missed.

Peace of Mind

By performing a home inspection, you can be fairly certain that the next home you purchase will not come with thousands of dollars in repairs you weren’t expecting. In some very rare cases there are flaws that are missed however, the chances of a certified home inspector missing a major flaw is extremely unlikely.


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