Real Estate Laws You May Not Be Familiar With

All real estate deals are unique in their own respective way. That’s why it’s so important to enlist the advice of a real estate attorney when buying or selling property. Both parties of the transaction must understand and know all applicable laws that pertain to their transaction. Here are some real estate laws you may not be familiar with.

False Advertising in Real Estate Ads

There are specific advertising requirements that real estate agents must follow when listing a property for sale. Everything that is claimed in an ad must be accurate to ensure that the information about the property is being shared accurately. While exaggerating certain aspects of your home can be tempting, it’s important to be as specific and accurate as possible.

Environmental Concerns

The laws are very specific when it comes to environmental hazards such as contaminated water, lead paint and asbestos. A real estate attorney can provide guidance for you if you’re not familiar with these laws and how they pertain to your home.  Make sure you’re aware of all the environmental laws for real estate in your area before listing your home.

Landlord and Tenant Laws

If you’re purchasing a property that currently has tenants or are planning to be a landlord, you must be aware of all the specific laws that apply to you. Landlord and tenant laws change and vary quite a bit depending on state and county, so your lawyer should be well versed in these issues.

These are just some of the laws pertaining to real estate. They can vary depending on where you live and the market you’re buying or selling into. Be sure to consult Michael L. Gutman for all your real estate needs. An experienced, professional lawyer is essential when buying or selling property in the New Jersey area.