Proper Hand Washing Techniques

You have probably heard that the best way to avoid viruses is through proper hand washing. It’s something that we already do daily but how many people have actually thought about it? It’s probably like brushing their teeth for most people. They do it, but don’t really think about the technique. In a time like this, it’s important to pay close attention to how you wash your hands.

Front, Back, and In Between

Always make sure to wash both the front and back of your hands. While this may sound like a thing that everyone does, it’s not necessarily true. Many young children only rub the fronts of their hands together, rinse, and dry. Ensure everyone in your family is soaping up the front, back, and in between your fingers!

Every Finger (and fingernail)

Is every one of your fingers getting clean? Do you make sure your thumb gets just as much attention as the rest of your fingers? Pay close attention to this the next time you wash your hands. Some people will forget to make sure every part of the hand is soapy before rinsing. This certainly includes your fingernails! Viruses can hide underneath the front of your fingernails where it’s hard to clean. Think about investing in a soft brush that can get to the crevasses all around your nails!

How Long The Whole Process Should Take

You should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds every time you do. Singing “Happy Birthday” twice usually does the trick. This will give you enough time to pay close attention to how your washing your hands and making sure that you are covering every centimeter on each hand!

When To Wash Your Hands

Whenever you could have potentially come in contact with germs or a virus! It’s not just after coughing or sneezing but it’s also after you take out the trash, pick up after your kids, take your dog for a walk, and especially any time you are around food.