New Jersey’s Little League World Series Championship

New Jersey’s Little League World Series team, the Elmora Troopers, was on fire this year! And even though they did not return as winners, they sure did return as champions in the heart of their city, and earned a much-deserved place in the final four teams in the country. Here’s a recap of the exciting series and aftermath.

The Elmora Troopers

The team representing the Mid-Atlantic region in the Little League World Series is the Elmora Troopers from Elizabeth, New Jersey. The team was named after NJ State Trooper Thomas J. Hanratty. Hanratty was born in Elizabeth and played in Little League as a boy.

Off to Williamsport

The Little League World Series is held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the town where Little League got it’s start in 1939. The series was initially called the National Little League Tournament and was first held in 1947. It was later renamed to match the MLB World Series. The Troopers headed to Williamsport after beating the Haverstraw, NY team 19-4 in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Finals.

So Close

The Troopers were ultimately eliminated from the series by the team from River Ridge, LA, who went on to win the World Series. The Trooper’s coach Jairo Labrador was still incredibly proud of their accomplishments, telling them “Elizabeth, New Jersey, is now known in the best light because of this group of boys.” He describes his time coaching the Troopers as “an honor.”

Parade for the Team

Elizabeth is proud of their boys. They proved it with a welcome home parade for the Elmora Troopers on September 6th with a city-wide celebration to follow. The whole team should feel proud of their unbelievable accomplishments and celebrate with the city that shares their pride.