Why New Jersey is One of the Best in Education

New Jersey has gotten a bad rap in education in the past, and the criticism is most definitely not accurate or fair. The truth is that New Jersey’s school system is in the top three of the country and has been at the top of most lists for over ten years. Here’s why New Jersey is one of the best in education.

Public Funding

The quality of education is directly related to the amount of public funding and where those funds are allocated. All of New Jersey’s counties put education first, with a large percentage of property taxes going straight into the school districts.

Low Dropout Rate

One of the most significant ways research firms determine the rank of states’ school systems is through their dropout rates. New Jersey has the 2nd lowest dropout rate in the country! Our kids are staying in school, in large part due to our amazing teachers and schools.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

New Jersey has the 4th lowest student to teacher ratio in the nation. This means our teachers are not given more than they can handle, and every student has the personal attention they require to succeed.

Focus on Reading Programs

Literacy is directly related to success in life after school, and New Jersey knows this. Our reading programs have helped give us the 2nd highest reading scores in the country! By focusing on reading in schools, as well as encouraging it at home, we’ve given our students the tools to shine.

Emphasis on Math

Math is essential for the success in technology fields, which is important to advance as a nation and as a society. New Jersey’s math scores ranked 3rd in the country, meaning we entirely embrace this truth and apply it to our curriculum.

If you’re raising kids in New Jersey, take heart in the fact that our school systems are top in the country, for good reasons.