Open House Etiquette When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a significant event. It can be overwhelming to pack up your belongings and open up your house to strangers who could be potential buyers. Specific unspoken rules are usually followed during the open house process. Let’s take a closer look at open house etiquette when selling your home.

Don’t Be There

You may think it would be helpful to give your potential buyers a tour of your home, explaining every detail and feature that they may miss otherwise. It actually can be intimidating and may put people off. Your home is your pride and joy, and there may be a lifetime of work that you’ve put into it to make it special but pointing this out to potential buyers may prevent them from envisioning the home as their own. It’s best to allow the realtor to show your home and make yourself scarce in the meantime.

Follow Your Real Estate Agent’s Advice

You have an emotional attachment to your home; even if you aren’t able to see that in the abstract, your realtor can. Therefore, if your realtor suggests that you clear a room of personal photos, or rearrange the furniture in your living room, know that there are years worth of experience behind that advice. Your realtor knows how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers and they are trying to get you the highest possible price for your house. Listen to them.

Clean Thoroughly

One of the most significant obstacles people have when searching for a new home is seeing past messes when trying to picture the home as their own. Clearing your property of clutter, dirt, and dust will go a long way in increasing its desirability. Store away anything that is not needed and have your home look as much as an open canvas as possible.

Following these rules when preparing your home for an open house will get it sold before you know it.