Historic Homes in Monmouth County

New Jersey is rich in history. Monmouth County, in particular, is full of historic homes and buildings. What specifically qualifies a home as “historic”? In order for a house to get the distinguished title of “historic”, several criteria must be met, and lots of research must be done. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

What does “historic” mean exactly?

The general definition for a historic home means a house at least fifty years old with significant relevance in the area. That would mean there could have been a famous person that lived there, something historic happened there – like having the first working telephone or electricity in the town – or some sort of association with a historic event.

How do you get a historic designation?

The New Jersey Historical Preservation Office can officially designate your home as historic, which comes with certain perks and regulations. You might not be able to paint or remodel without specific permission so that to maintain its historic properties and appearance. This may be inconvenient, but a historic designation adds a significant amount of value to your home. Be sure to seek out an appraiser with experience dealing with historic properties since you’ll need to contact your insurance company to change your policy.

Where are some historic homes in Monmouth County, New Jersey?

Ocean Grove, NJ is full of beautiful historic homes. The Historical Society of Ocean Grove offers a self-guided home tour where you take in all the unique features of these historic Victorian homes up close and personal. These homes are a large part of the reason thousands of visitors a year flock to Ocean Grove to take its rich seaside history.

Whether you’re looking to own a historic home or just admire them from afar, Monmouth County New Jersey has everything you’re looking for.