Selling A Home In The Summer

Summer is prime real estate season. Many homeowners choose summer to sell their home during this timeframe for many reasons. Moving is always easier in the warmer months when the weather is usually milder. It also makes for an easier transition when transferring kids to a different school. As a homeowner, there are many advantages to selling a home in the summer.

You Can Get the Best Price for Your Home

Home prices usually peak between June and August, so putting your house on the market during this period will usually get you the highest price. However, because there will so many comparable homes in the market during the summer, it is important to be realistic about price and not overvalue your home. Take your real estate’s agent advice on a price point and do research in your area so you’ll be prepared beforehand.

It Will Sell Quickly

A family looking to buy a home in the summer wants to do so quickly so that they can settle in before the school year starts, therefore quality homes in great locations don’t last very long on the market. Since there are so many potential buyers looking, chances are you will have an offer in no time.

Curb Appeal 

Landscaping looks the best in summer. Shrubs and trees are green, flowers are blooming, and the grass is lush and healthy. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of your beautiful yard and landscaping and show it off. A potential buyer won’t have to imagine what the outside looks like in the summer, they’ll be able to see it firsthand.

Increased Visibility

People are out and about in the warmer months, making selling a home in the summer much easier compared to the colder seasons. Your house will be seen by more potential buyers meaning more showings and hopefully more offers.

Selling a home in the summer is a smart choice for someone looking to make the most return on their investment.