Monmouth County Compost Piles


Recycling and doing your part to save the planet is more important than ever.  Depending on the type of work you do, much of the waste generated during your average day can be recycled, such as office paper, cartridges from computers and printers, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, wood, construction material, and other waste.

Monmouth County Recycling and the Park System have come together to develop a home composting demonstration site located in Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ.  You can learn practical composting tips in a 45-minute workshop at the Backyard Composting event for Monmouth County residents.  There are composting units which are both commercially available and home-built so that you can choose the composting system that best suits you.


Benefits of Compost Piles

There are many benefits to compost piles for both your home and for the environment in general.  Compost can create a rich fertilizer for your garden and yard.  In a small amount of time, your composted scraps become a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer that can be sifted and used to improve all aspects of your landscape.  In addition, it is also an economic benefit since you no longer have to purchase fertilizer at the store, and gardens fed with compost also require less water and less fertilizers to produce the same amount of growth as a garden without composted matter.  Compost can reduce toxins as well.  Soils that have been exposed to toxic mater, like pesticides, regenerate into healthy soil faster if composted soil is added to the mix.  It also prevents the spread of these contaminates into water sources and nearby plants.  In addition, composting can also reduce pollution!  By keeping organic matter out of landfills, it reduces the amount of methane production happening in garbage disposal areas in the county.