The Asbury Real Estate Market’s Great Comeback

Just twenty years ago, Asbury Park didn’t have anything near the real estate market it does today. Oh, how the times have changed. Now, Asbury is one of the most sought-after towns to move to. People from all over the country are looking to buy property in one of New Jersey’s most famous towns. Let’s

Home Buying Costs That are Often Overlooked

Buying a home is a considerable investment, but one that pays off in the long run. Although we believe everyone should consider purchasing a home instead of renting, many overlooked costs go into a home purchase that should be addressed. Here are some of the hidden or overlooked expenses that go into your new home

Important Features for Waterfront Properties

Owning waterfront property is a dream of many. When searching for the perfect waterfront home, there are some essential features you should look for or consider adding after you buy the property. Here’s a list of the features we feel are most important to have on waterfront property. Large Windows What’s the point of having

Understanding Jersey Shore Flood Maps and Base Flood Elevation

If you live in the Jersey Shore area, it’s crucial to understand flood maps and your Base Flood Elevation (BFE). Knowing this will help you prepare for potential floods, as well as help you decide what type and how much flood insurance to purchase for your home. Here’s what you should know. What is Base

The Importance of a Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home can be a complicated and tricky situation to navigate without legal help. A real estate attorney has valuable experience that enables them to walk you through the legal process of transferring the ownership of a house. Here’s a little more on the importance of a real estate attorney. Preserve Your Rights When

Most Common Contingencies in Real Estate Contracts

Buying a house isn’t like any other purchase. There is a lot of legal contracts and documents that go into buying a home. Because a home sale has such a finality about it, several conditions usually go into the contract. In legal terms, these conditions are called “contingencies.” Here’s a look at the most common

Family Friendly Sports Activities in New Jersey

Looking for some family-friendly sports activities for you and your kids to enjoy together? Look no further. Read on for great ideas for some family fun. Ice Skating Ice skating is a perfect family-friendly activity and is great fun for all ages, not to mention great exercise. There are several excellent ice skating rinks in

New Jersey’s Little League World Series Championship

New Jersey’s Little League World Series team, the Elmora Troopers, was on fire this year! And even though they did not return as winners, they sure did return as champions in the heart of their city, and earned a much-deserved place in the final four teams in the country. Here’s a recap of the exciting

Recent New Jersey Beach Replenishment Projects

You may have started to see some exciting developments on the Jersey Shore. A $26.2 Million beach replenishment project is underway this fall which will bring 1.3 million cubic yards of sand to our beautiful beaches. Read on to learn more about this exciting project. What Towns WIll Be Affected? The federal government project, meant

Top Athletes from New Jersey

Did you know that New Jersey is the birthplace of several well-known athletes? Here are some of our favorites. Frank Budd Frank Budd was born in Long Branch and attended Asbury Park High. He set a 100-yard dash record in 1961 which won him the titles of World’s Fastest Human. He even had a brief