Colts Neck

Colts Neck, which is New Jersey’s 16th wealthiest municipality, is known for its farmland. The town’s Farmland Preservation Committee makes sure that it stays this way. Despite being commuting distance to both New York and Philadelphia, Colts Neck has a rural atmosphere. This is enforced through strict zoning regulations, requiring homes to be built on lots covering 2, 5, and 10 acres.

Even though Colts Neck feels rural, there is plenty to do. The town is home to numerous equestrian farms as well as local businesses.  Delicious Orchards, an orchard and country market known for its fruit, apple cider donuts, and pies – and Laird & Company, which produces Laird’s Applejack and is the last applejack distillery in the United States, are the best-known businesses.

For those who want to venture into the surrounding towns, there are malls and movie theaters. In the summer, residents can drive just 10 miles to the shore. Belmar, Spring Lake, Point Pleasant, and Lavallette are all conveniently located for day trips.

In Colts Neck, there is the 535-acre Dorbrook Recreation Area. The park contains six baseball fields, four soccer fields, three basketball courts, an in-line skating rink, a playground, and a sprayground. Also, there are other fields available for use and several hiking trails. The Monmouth County park system also hosts over 6,000 programs at Dorbrook Recreation Area and other parks in the county.

Not only does Colts Neck offer plenty of activities for kids, it also has an excellent school system. Conover Road Primary School houses Pre-K through 2nd Grade. Conover Road Elementary School houses grades 3-5. Cedar Drive Middle School houses grades 6-8. Colts Neck High School is part of the Freehold Regional District’s magnet program and provides facilities for two programs, JROTC Leadership and Character Development and the Law and Public Service Center.